Teaching Solutions, review, complaint, scam Teaching Solutions, practice test, study guide, review, complaint, scam Teaching Solutions, practice test, review, complaint, scam
Teaching Solutions, practice test, study guide, review, complaint, scam

Teaching Solutions New Breakthrough
To Combat High Test Failure Rate

When it comes to ensuring that you’ve got the goods to grab your teacher certification, nothing beats the effectiveness of the practice test to help you get the breakthrough on your test score you need.

Teaching Solutions just updated all their test study guides, practice tests and test tutoring. “It’s so mouthwatering good you can feel it’s cheating” says former client Tammy Elson of New Port Beach, California.

And whether you’re taking your TExES practice test or your Praxis II practice test, you’ll need mirror-like test content that accurately reflects everything you’ll need to pass your test. But according to research released by Teaching Solutions, you shouldn’t worry about failing your practice exam…

…you should be more concerned with it failing you!

Teaching Solutions Exposes: Why Most
Practice Tests Cause Failing Scores

A recent survey conducted by the Test Preparation Research Foundation revealed the typical teacher spends about $300 on prep and testing fees in order to pass their exam. The study also found test takers made big savings using the Teaching Solutions test preparation program due to the low cost of the ongoing support of tutoring, mentoring and test coaching that’s part of their “7 Day Comprehensive Success System.”

For test takers who fail and have to take their test a second, or even third time test takers spend just to live out their dreams as certified teachers will end up having to invest over $300 in order to get the necessary materials to pass their test according to Teaching Solutions test prep research over the last 4 years.

So it’s easy to see why it’s so important that every study guide have an accurate practice exam, no matter what the certification test. But according to Ann Andersen, certified teacher and founder of test prep powerhouse Teaching Solutions Review many exam prep guides just simply don’t live up to their hype.

From overly-simplistic questions to old content that doesn’t even reflect the real exam, Andersen cites poorly constructed practice tests as a primary reason why so many test takers fail. And in Teaching Solutions recent study, researchers found several critical errors that could scam away vital test points, including:
  • Questions that didn’t reflect the actual difficulty of the teacher certification exam;

  • Flashcards that highlighted information that wasn’t even tested on the exam;

  • Major spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, which in turn caused increased levels of anxiety and fear within test takers;

  • And practice content that’s relevant to test takers - if they were taking the exam ten years ago!
Many test takers who experience these problems with practice tests and study guide books from brand names/big name publishers call them a rip off or a scam. Andersen cites these findings as the primary reason why Teaching Solutions is so determined to fix these major practice test wrongs.

CSET, Praxis II Teaching Solutions

First founded in 2001, Andersen’s test prep company Teaching Solutions has helped over 31,000 test takers achieve their ultimate dreams of becoming certified educators.

And now, she’s ready to extend that success straight on to the new generation of future certified teachers and nurses.

While test takers often feel their certification tests are scams and a rip off, Anderson says she too felt the same way. Teaching Solutions ensures that each and every test taker receives individualized attention based on their specific teaching test. Laser-focused assistance from the best test coaches in the industry gives exam takers an unparalleled feeling of confidence…

…and that’s the key to passing those tough teacher exams!

So whether you’re interested in the Praxis II, GACE, CSET, RICA, CBEST, CTEL, MTTC, MTEL, AEPA, NYSTCE, NCLEX RN, NCLEX PN, CEOE, ICTS, ExCET, TExES or any other preparation program, Teaching Solutions expert test prep, study guides and coaching assistance will give you the power, confidence and know-how to rip through your exam.

What's Your Teaching Solutions
To Help You Achieve Your Dream Life?

Don’t feel like a fraud during your test preparation. You ONLY have one chance to do this right and avoid total financial ruin for life.

You’ve got two choices.

You could continue to use the same boring exam study guide, and force your family and friends to listen to complaint after complaint, listen to you calling every practice test a rip off …

…Or you could finally take that step towards teacher certification with innovative and comprehensive prep by teachers who passed your exam at Teaching Solutions.

Go to: Teaching Solutions Exam Review Services and see if this can help you achieve your goals right now.

Teaching Solutions, practice test, study guide, review, complaint, scam
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